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What Makes Carlton The First Choice For Celebrations?

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A Heritage Hotel & Pride Of The City Since 1898

The Carlton has been a popular marriage destination for over 50 years. Built by an Englishman Mr. Frederick W. Lincoln, Carlton’s regal architecture is a fine blend of English classic and Mughal splendour that still mesmerizes the onlookers. The beautiful palatial façade of Carlton has attracted Bollywood for shooting here. The Hotel has had eminent room guests – Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Mrs. Indira Gandhi among others.

A Massive Lush Green Lawn

Kings Lawn is one of the biggest lush green lawns in Lucknow. It offers you to celebrate big gatherings & events with accommodation of up to 1,000 guests. Celebrate the tranquility of nature with beautiful backdrops of the best marriage lawn in Lucknow that can give a regal enamour to your wedding. The beautiful lighting when complimented with a tasteful choice of colour palette, turns this place into a magical land, perfect for your dream wedding.

Indoor & Outdoor Banquet Space

Mashaal is a luxurious and beautifully tiled indoor & outdoor banquet area that offers both indoor and outdoor celebrations around an age-old tree as the epicentre of beautiful seating arrangements. It is a perfect place for small gatherings of about 250 guests. From small parties, kitty parties, haldi ceremonies, and for any other small to medium-scale functions this place proves itself to be the best party venue in Lucknow.

Perfect Place For Nature Lovers

If you are looking for the best marriage lawns in Lucknow for small functions, then Banayan Grove is the ideal marriage lawn in Lucknow that suits your budget. This is a beautiful lawn with 200 years old banyan tree, an alluring water stream spreading the vibes and tranquility of nature making it a perfectly beautiful space for small gatherings of about 250 guests.

Rooms For Bride & Groom

Two rooms are also available for those who book their event at one of our three venues. These rooms are spacious and furnished with all the amenities to help the bride & groom and their relatives get ready, relax, or lock their things in.

Multiple Venues
The Carlton offers 3 magnificent venues for all types of celebrations. From massive lush green lawns to indoor and outdoor banquet areas, The Carlton caters to all your celebration requirements in a royal way. Our venues can accommodate from 100 guests to 1200 guests for a wedding.


The Carlton is located at the heart of the city, Hazratganj, and is the most proximate place in Lucknow. The posh locality and surroundings add more charm to this iconic wedding venue.

Wide roads and adequate parking facilities and connecting roads make it an easy-to-approach spot.

Celebrate At The Carlton

For over 50 years, The Carlton has been a prominent choice of celebrations. From weddings, receptions, parties, and anniversaries to birthday celebrations, we have catered to every function with the utmost expertise. Go for the best venues at The Carlton to make your celebration an event to remember.

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